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Media Labs achieved greater than $300k in revenue with their first Mobibooth

Mobibooth has been an integral part of our business for nearly a decade. Whether enhancing the branded experience at corporate events or bringing smiles to weddings, Mobibooth is our go-to booth of choice.

Our first Mobibooth Aura alone has contributed substantially, bringing in revenue exceeding $300,000. Its effortless setup, customizable branding, and universal appeal make it a straightforward choice for every client. Paired with the right software and our expertise to craft photo and video experiences, we confidently charge upwards of $2,000 for events.

Name: Sammy English
Company: Media Lab

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5 star rated photo booths for sale

Highly recommend! A ++++++ across the board. Excellent products and customer service! I love both of my Mobibooths! Great company!

Kalina Pekarski

Photo Booth Owner

Snapix Events

I purchased the Aura M from Mobibooth and I have to say it’s the best booth out on the market. I have many different booths and this booth by far is the easiest to set up and dependable. The magnetic faceplate is a game changer. The customer service is superb. I will be getting the view and a few roamers soon and I can’t wait!!!! Thank you all for your great products and customer service!!
The absolute best !! Love their customer service and it is definitely a product that delivers! I own 3 and plan to own more in the future! Thank you!

Nicole Bonilla

Magic Mirror Miami

Marc Summers

Booth Fairy
We love being part of the MobiBooth family. Their support and care for their customers are second to none. We can't wait to buy more booths from them to grow our company with the latest and greatest iPad booths.

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Are you looking to buy a photo booth that perfectly complements your business? At Mobibooth, our experienced team excels in assisting you to find the ideal mobile photo booth for sale, tailored to your specific requirements.

Specializing in a variety of photo booth styles, we're committed to connecting you with the best photo booth solutions for sale. Join thousands who have trusted us when they decided to buy a photo booth, propelling their businesses into successful photo booth rental ventures. With our premium photo booth equipment, we're here to help you make a smart investment in your business's future.

Mobi Mikes

Brand Like A Pro

Our photo kiosks' large flat surfaces are perfect for applying graphical vinyl wraps.

photo booth branding wraps

Financing Options

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Share The Experience

Guests can easily share images, GIFs, and videos right from the booth via text message, email, AirDrop, or QR code. From there the sharing options are endless!

text messaging email airdrop qr code

AI Background Removal

Harness the power of AI and the magic of green screen removal and take your guests anywhere your imagination takes you. All without those unsightly green screen backdrops.

photo booth templates chroma key

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Awards PBX Best Booth 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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Building high-quality, premium photo kiosks is in our DNA. From our first day, Mobibooth has strived to build the best photo booths for sale at the highest quality possible. We are honored to have photo booth business owners from around the globe vote our products the best at the Photo Booth Expo year after year.

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Mobibooth photo booths are trusted by thousands of photo booth businesses worldwide

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