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Our Story

The Mobibooth™ concept was always about simplicity & affordability

The Mobibooth™ brand was created so that people could own an easy to operate photo booth at a very affordable price. Photo booths don't have to be complicated or expensive. Mobibooth™ is as simple as it gets. Easy to use iPad paired with our custom software.

Work Experience

14+ years experience as photo boothers!

Mobibooth™ was founded by Michael Bender and Michael Davis with a combined 14+ years experience as photo boothers.

Michael Bender is known for his photo booth rental company It's A Photo Booth (est. 2008), the support forum website Photo Booth Owners (est. 2010) and templates website Photo Booth Templates (est. 2012).

Michael Davis is known for his photo booth rental business Photo Booth Florida (est. 2011) and as a photo booth manufacturer at DSLR Photo Booth (est. 2013).

Made In USA

Mobibooth™ is designed and manufactured in the USA.

We are proud to fabricate our photo booths in the USA. Building them locally means jobs for Americans, better quality control and no import fees or additional shipping charges. Our photo booths are constructed using the best fabrication processes so that you can enjoy a quality product for many years of use.


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