Mobibooth Aura VIEW: Next Level Branding

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Drive Bigger Profits in Corporate Markets

Step into the innovative realm of the Mobibooth Aura VIEW, a cutting-edge addition to our photo booth offerings, ideal for branding and corporate events. Introduced as a dynamic evolution in our product line, the Aura VIEW sets itself apart with its impressive 37-inch UHD video screen, providing an unparalleled visual experience for your events.

The Aura VIEW platform, a standout in our product line, is your key to unlocking greater profitability at corporate events. It's the perfect tool for photo booth companies looking to expand their services into more lucrative corporate event spaces and for experiential event marketers seeking a reliable, high-impact solution for client engagements. The Aura VIEW is not just about capturing moments; it's about creating an immersive brand experience that resonates with corporate audiences.

With its impressive video display capabilities, the Aura VIEW is not just a photo booth; it's a captivating branding powerhouse. The Aura VIEW is ideal for showcasing corporate logos, promotional content, and live event feeds, making it a central attraction at any event. Whether you're a business looking to make a bold statement at corporate events, a marketing agency seeking a powerful branding tool, or an event planner aiming to offer something extraordinary, the Aura VIEW is engineered with your goals in mind.

Discover more about the Aura VIEW platform by watching our video, highlighting unique features and capabilities across the three models. Download the companion PDF to review model differences at your own pace. The Aura VIEW is more than a photo booth; it's a strategic investment in your business's growth and a step towards higher earnings in the corporate event sector.

Take your photo booth business to the next level with the Aura VIEW.

Award-Winning Photo Booths

Building high-quality, premium photo kiosks is in our DNA. From our first day, Mobibooth has strived to build the best photo booths for sale at the highest quality possible. We are honored to have photo booth business owners from around the globe vote our products the best at the Photo Booth Expo year after year.

2017 voted best booth at the photo booth expo
2018 voted best booth gold winner at the photo booth expo
2019 voted best booth platinum winner at the photo booth expo
Best Booth Gold Winner 2020 Photo Booth Expo

Mobibooth products are trusted by 1000's of photo booth businesses in 22 countries.

What Our Owners Are Saying

Here are some reviews from verified Mobibooth owners

One of the best investments we’ve made for our business. This booth changed everything for us! Sets up in minutes, easy to transport and some of the best customer support in the industry!

Daniel Cooper


Nicole Douglas

This booth has become one of my favs. It’s so easy to set up and protected nicely in a rugged case. Almost ready for number two.
These guys are awesome! I own two Mobibooths and absolutely love them. They are well built, awesome looking and our clients and guests love them! They are second to none! Highly recommend!!

Mario Sarmiento


Alaina Davis

Love my Mobibooth! The design was well thought out to make set up a breeze in under 5 minutes. I've received such great feedback from my clients on the booth. Definitely buy another!

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