2 Easy Ways To Identify Your iPad Model

When preparing to purchase an iPad photo kiosk it is extremely important to accurately identify the exact model you have. Failing to do so can result in a misconfigured photo kiosk that will not properly secure and protect your iPad. This can result in poor images and ultimately a bad experience for your clients and their
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Mobibooth Cloud™ v2.2 Released

[NEW] New phone number keyboard [NEW] Animated overlay added to Burst mode [NEW] Video background for start screens [NEW] Processing Screen working icon added [NEW] Animated overlay for all events [NEW] Save Individual Photos added to events [NEW] Custom keyboard added for phone num entry in sharing   [FIX] Memory leak fixed ‌[FIX] Blurry background

Mobibooth Cloud™ v2.1 Released

[NEW] Clear all button added on queued share. [NEW] Updated camera library to use Core functions [NEW] RGBA hex value supported. [NEW] Chroma key functionality added to video and burst experience types. [NEW] Filter Manager added allowing for filter chains to be created per experience. [NEW] Auto print & printer button spinner implemented [NEW] Beautify