How To Prevent Damage To Aura’s With RGB

We recently identified a use case in RGB & Ring Light Control Kits for the Aura that can cause permanent damage to the RGB ring. We have found that a large number of customers are using the unit in this way. This email is to share the issue found and explain the proper usage of the unit.

The Issue We FoundIn RGB & Ring Light Controllers shipped before August 20, 2021, using the white on the RGB ring and not the Aura’s ring light can cause an overcurrent situation that permanently damages the wiring harness to the RGB ring.

The Resolution

To prevent this from happening you must leverage the white ring light of the Aura when providing light for sessions and that you do not use the white of the RGB ring at full power.

We recommend turning off the RGB LEDs during this state and leveraging the white ring light solely. The 240 LEDs in the ring light can produce sufficient lighting for even the darkest events.

If your unit shipped after August 20, 2021, you have an updated firmware version that adds some protection to prevent overcurrent. However, it is still recommended that you follow the above guidelines to ensure that your unit works for years to come.

To enable the ring light you will want to check the option “Turn On Ring Light”. Each of the apps that have integrated with our controller provides this functionality.


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For Snappic please set your settings to match the above for Capture mode.

Breeze Booth for iPad

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