Warning: Please make sure that you double-check your iPad configuration selection. Improper orders will not be exchanged for free. You are responsible for ensuring that you have ordered the correct configuration for your iPad.

Please note the location of the front camera on your iPad. Beginning with the 2024 iPad Air & Pro it is now positioned in a landscape orientation.

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Building high-quality, premium photo kiosks is in our DNA. From our day, Mobibooth has strived to build the best photo booths for sale at the high quality possible. We are honored to have photo boothers from around the globe vote our products the best at the Photo Booth Expo year after year.

2017 voted best booth at the photo booth expo
2018 voted best booth gold winner at the photo booth expo
2019 voted best booth platinum winner at the photo booth expo
Best Booth Gold Winner 2020 Photo Booth Expo

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