Aura Photo Booth Power Requirements

Aura power

What is the power consumption of a Mobibooth Aura™ photo booth? #

There are a few factors that can dictate this. First is the size of the iPad 9.7", 10.5" or 12.9". Second is the current battery level of the iPad 80% and above is a trickle charge whereas it is a full charge rate when below 80%. Last is the power level of the light.

Please reference the list below for the Aura model you are interested in.


Aura Model iPad Size Typical Drain* Max Drain**
Aura 9 iPad Pro 9.7-inch 13W (0.11A @ 120VAC) 67W (0.56A @ 120VAC)
Aura 10  iPad Pro 10.5-inch 15W (0.12A @ 120VAC) 84W (0.7A @ 12VAC)
Aura 12  iPad Pro 12.9-inch 15W (0.12A @ 120VAC) 84W (0.7A @ 12VAC)


* Typical drain calculated at trickle charge and 25% power on the light.

** Max drain calculated at full charge and 100% power on the light.