Aura RGB LED Kit Not Connecting Over Bluetooth

Table of Contents

If you are experiencing the inability to connect to your Aura’s RGB LED kit from your iPad photo booth app please use the following steps to trouble-shoot your unit. If you are unable to get the unit to connect after these steps please contact our Support Team for further assistance.


Trouble-shooting Steps #

  1. Verify that the IEC connector is securely installed into the 5V power supply located in the upper tube of the Aura’s tower.
  2. Verify that the 5.5×2.1mm connector is securely inserted into the power jack of the RGB Kit’s controller module. This is located under the pivoter in the upper tube of your unit. You can use the yellow handled T-wrench to rotate the pivoter for easier access.
  3. Ensure all connections are made in the unit and plug into the wall. You should see one of two things happen on the ring light depending on the vintage of your controller. Older units will turn the RGB LEDs pink and then display a rotating rainbow. Newer units will turn the lights red then green then blue and finally will turn off the RGB LEDs and turn on the white ring light. Make sure you have the dimmer switch turned on to at least 25% power to ensure you see these lights.
  4. Verify that your iPad app is a supported app and is capable of connecting to the controller over Bluetooth. Currently Mobibooth Cloud, Snappic, Curator, Fotozap and Breeze Booth are supported.
  5. Verify that the iPad has Bluetooth turned on in iOS. Settings > Bluetooth.
  6. Verify that your photo booth app has permission to use Bluetooth. Settings > [App Name] > Bluetooth.
  7. Close your photo booth app completely and relaunch.


If going through these steps does not restore your connection please contact our Support Team for further assistance.