Designing graphics for the Aura VIEW™ video tower

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mobibooth aura view video photo kiosk for iPadOne of the most exciting elements about the Aura VIEW™ product is the large vertical screen in the tower. The unit was designed to allow for unlimited creativity when branding your photo kiosk.

The screen in the Aura VIEW™ has a unique half HD resolution of 540 by 1920 pixels. To ensure the very best results it is important that graphics and video files be properly sized to prevent scaling issues (nobody wants to see their hard work squeeze or stretched on the screen).

With these starter files your designer can create graphics using a variety of tools including industry standards like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Additionally other tools such as GIMP, PaintShop Pro, Paint.NET and online tools like Canva may be used.

To help designers we’ve created a set of starter files that you can download and share.

jpg 256x256 1 psd 256x256 1 ai 256x256 1 zip 256x256 1


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Adobe Photoshop CC –
Adobe Photoshop Elements –
Adobe Photoshop Illustrator –
Corel PaintShop Pro –
Paint.NET –
Canva –

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