Downloading An Event’s Media Files

After an event has been completed you can generate and download a zip archive containing all of the event’s files. This is helpful for downloading onto a USB drive and sending it to your clients.

It is important to ensure that your event’s start and end dates accurately reflect the dates that the booth was used at an event. The zip archive will only contain media files that were taken during this time.

It is also important to note that your event must have elapsed or be on the last day for the creation button to be displayed on the webpage.

1. Navigate to the Event’s details page. Scroll to the bottom and click the Create Zip File button.

create zip file

2. Click the Create Zip File button in the dialog window. This will start the process of generating the zip archive. Depending on how large your gallery is and what file types are in it the time this takes will vary. The larger the files the longer it will take.

3. Once the generation of the zip archive has been completed the dialog box’s buttons will change. Click the Close button to close the dialog.

4. You will now see that the Create Zip File button has been replaced with a Download Gallery button. Clicking this button will download the created zip archive.

Sometimes you might find that your iPad has not uploaded all the files, or that you need to remove some files from the gallery for various reasons. In this case, you will likely want to create a new zip archive of the updated files. To do so you’ll click the arrow located to the right of the text on the Download Gallery button. This will present a Create New Zip File option.

Clicking it will allow you to create a new zip archive. The new zip archive will replace the existing one.