How to place the iPad into guide access mode

Table of Contents

This video will walk you through setting and placing the iPad into guided access mode. Guided access mode allows you to lock the iPad into a single app and disable gestures such as 5-finger pinch and 4-finger swipe up/left/right to navigate the iPad. This is considered a best practice for deploying your Mobibooth Aura™ in the field.

Steps: #

  1. Open the settings app on the iPad
  2. Navigate to General > Accessibility > Guided Access
  3. Enable guided access
  4. Set a passcode
  5. Launch Mobibooth Cloud™
  6. Triple tap the home button to enter guided access mode
  7. Triple tap the home button a second time to view options and exit guided access mode. You will need to enter the passcode created in step 4.