How to rotate the iPad in the Aura

This article will walk you through the basic steps needed to rotate your iPad in the Mobibooth Aura L head. These steps are used to place the iPad into landscape orientation.


  1. Remove the faceplate from the Aura’s head.
  2. Remove the diffuser from the Aura’s head.
  3. Remove the iPad from the unit.
  4. Flip the head over on a table. We recommend having a towel under it to prevent unwanted scratches.
  5. Locate the 4 bolts in a square pattern as shown below circled in red. Older units will have 8 bolts instead of 4.
    4-bolt pattern aura head
  6. Remove the 4 bolts highlighted above.
  7. Carefully lift the head being sure to hold the now loose internal head assembly. Lay the head on its back.
  8. Lift and rotate the internal head assembly 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
  9. Verify all internal wires are free and not pinched.
  10. Carefully place the head back on its face and align the bolt holes.
  11. Install the 4 bolts removed in step 6.
  12. Install the iPad back into the head assembly. Be sure to plug the power connector into the iPad.
  13. Install the diffuser.
  14. Install the faceplate.
  15. Power the unit up and verify everything is functioning.