Managing Event Media Files

Table of Contents

When creating and preparing an event it is common to run a number of test sessions. Also periodically at events  you may have inappropriate photos/videos captured that do not meet your business’s standards. In these cases you will want to remove these media files from the client’s gallery. In this article we will explain how you can do this in the Mobibooth Cloud™ management portal.


Steps #

  1. Log into your Mobibooth Cloud™ account at
  2. On the dashboard locate the event you are wishing to manage and click on it. Commonly it will be listed under Today’s Events or Upcoming Events.
  3. On the event details page scroll down to the Event Gallery / Media section and click the Manage Media Files button. This will load all of the events files for you to manage.
  4. This will load a grid of all the media files as shown below.
  5. Move your mouse cursor over the thumbnail of the media file you’d like to delete. You will see a small trash can appear in a red box.
  6. Click the trash can and confirm deletion. The file will then be removed from the gallery and will not be included when making the event zip archive.
  7. Repeat this for all files you’d like to remove.