Mobibooth Cruise™ Quick Start

Congratulations on your purchase of the new Mobibooth Cruise™ series hand-held roaming photo booth. These devices make it easy to provide photo booth services to large events such as festivals and large outdoor parties with ease. They’ve been purposefully built with ease of use and ergonomic comfort in mind.

The Mobibooth Cruise™ can operate in two unique modes that include a decoupled manual mode, where the operator triggers the white light during photo taking, and fully automatic mode where the app can change the lights throughout the photo session automatically.

Continue through this manual to learn all about the functionality of your hand-held roaming photo booth.


Manual #

Download the product manual.

Cruise Manual


Hookup #

Recommended Battery Pack #

RAVPower’s 32000mAh Power Bank USB Battery Pack is the recommended battery pack for use with the Mobibooth Cruise™. With this unit it is possible to run as long as 8 hours between charges.

The unit can be purchased on Amazon ( 


Usage #

Manual Mode Usage #

The Mobibooth Cruise™ roamer is capable of being used without app integration. When used in manual mode the roamer will display the selected LED fx pattern at the set brightness. The user can override this with a solid white for as long as they desire by pressing and holding the handle’s button.


Selecting Attract Mode Pattern #

The attract mode fx pattern, this is the pattern shown when the photo button is not depressed, is selected by pressing the fx button located on the rear of the unit to the left of the power port. There are a combined 13 unique color/pattern combinations available in manual mode. See the table below for a listing of each.

Fx Name Fx Name
01 Rainbow 08 Fader – Blue to Green
02 Breathe – Blue 09 Fader – Green to Red
03 Breathe – Green 10 Fader – Red to Blue
04 Breathe – Red 11 Cyclone – Blue
05 Meteor Rain – Blue 12 Cyclone – Green
06 Meteor Rain – Green 13 Cyclone – Red
07 Meteor Rain – Red

Table 1


Setting Pattern Brightness #

To set the brightness of the LED fx pattern press and hold the fx button. The roamer will begin increasing brightness until the maximum brightness is reached. Then it will decrease brightness until it reaches minimum brightness. This cycle will continue as long as the fx button is depressed. To set the brightness release the button at the desired level.

Manual White Light #

By pressing the photo button located on the handle to trigger the LEDs will all turn white. They will remain in this state for the duration that the button is depressed. This should be used during photo or video capture. 


Automatic Mode Usage #

When used with app integration or in automatic mode the Mobibooth Cruise™ roamer will automatically change the LED fx pattern during the photo booth session as configured within the app.


Depending on the app developer’s choice of app states the roamer can offer as little as two modes throughout the session to dozens. The roamers developer API allows app developers to provide 13 unique fx patterns with 32-bit color support (16,777,216 possible colors) along with other fx pattern parameter settings. With these settings you can truly configure the LEDs to match any event’s theme and colors.


Supported Fx Patterns #

Below table 2 shows all fx patterns available along with their parameters.

Fx Name brightness delay (ms) size color1 color2 meta
Rainbow 0-100 0-100 NA NA NA Direction: cw or ccw
Crossfade 0-100 5-100 NA RGB RGB
Breathe 50-100 5-100 NA RGB NA Floor: 32-75
Blink 0-100 100-1000 NA RGB NA
Color Wipe 0-100 5-100 NA RGB NA Cycling: true or false
Double Color Wipe 0-100 5-100 NA RGB NA
Spin 0-100 5-100 1-50 RGB NA
Meteor Rain 0-100 5-100 1-50 RGB NA Direction: cw or ccw
Fade In 0-100 5-100 NA RGB NA
Cyclone 0-100 5-100 1-50 RGB NA Return delay: 0-5,000 (ms)
Running Lights 0-100 5-100 NA RGB NA Direction: cw or ccw
Theater Chase 0-100 5-100 NA RGB RGB Direction: cw or ccw
Solid Color 0-100 NA NA RGB NA

Table 2