Playing images and videos via USB in the Aura VIEW™ video tower

mobibooth aura view video photo kiosk for iPad


One of the great features of the Aura VIEW™ is its flexibility. The video tower can be used with and without a micro PC for iPad configurations and can be plugged directly in as a second monitor for the Surface Pro configuration. When using the Aura VIEW™ video tower without a micro PC it is possible to still loop video or show a graphic image on the screen. To do so you’ll make use of the Android operating system and a USB drive using the following steps.


  1. Tilt the photo kiosk head forward.
  2. Locate the USB cable located inside the tower below the pivoter. This cable has a white zip tie label on it named USB IN.
  3. Plug your USB drive into the USB cable.
  4. If your photo kiosk is not powered do so now.
  5. Once the screen powers on ensure that it is on the Android home screen. You can click the home button on the remote if it is not.
  6. Next scroll to bottom and locate the apps icon. Select and press enter.
  7. Locate the app named “ES File Explorer”. Select and press enter.
  8. In the top left menu bar select and press enter.
  9. From the menu select “Local”.
  10. Next select “SDA1”.
  11. Finally select Video Player option 2.
  12. Press Menu button and locate Advanced Options.
  13. Ensure that the Single Cycle not checked.
  14. Your video or image file should now show on the VIEW’s screen.


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