Printing strips with Mobibooth Cloud™ and Mobiprint

When printing strips with Mobibooth Cloud™ you will first define a 2 x 6 inch layout in the layout editor and then tell the Mobiprint server to always generate a pair from a single strip.

  1. Create a Photograph experience event.
  2. Set the orientation and camera mode making sure your graphic is creating accordingly.
  3. Once the event is created go to Edit Event > Edit Experience > Edit Layout.
  4. Set your page size to 600 x 1800 pixels at 300 dpi (or 1800 x 600 pixels for horizontal strips). This is done on the
  5. Upload your background and/or overlay graphics.
  6. Set your photo locations under advanced settings (saving each row after changes).

When you are ready to print start Mobiprint on your Windows device as you normally would (see the Mobiprint User’s Guide for more information around printing).

That’s it, you are now ready to deliver the retro photo strip experience.