Using a PIN to protect against leaving photo booth mode

The Mobibooth Cloud™ app for iOS allows you to enter a PIN to lock the app into photo booth mode. To exit and return to settings the user will need to enter this PIN in addition to knowing to single finger swipe right. It should be noted that the PIN is not preserved across app restarts.


When loading an event on the Event Details screen you’ll see a Set PIN button. Tapping this will load the PIN creation dialogue. Enter any 4 digit PIN and tap Set PIN.

After you’ve set a PIN tap the Load Event button and adjust settings as desired. Once you’ve loaded the event and entered photo booth mode (this is the mode that your users will interact with) you can exit to the settings by performing a single finger swipe right anywhere on the screen as shown below.

When a PIN is set you’ll be prompted with a challenge screen requiring the proper PIN to proceed with exiting photo booth mode as shown below. Entering the PIN will return the app to the settings screens allowing you to make adjustments or switch events. Using a PIN in addition to setting the iPad into Guided Access mode provide multiple layers to keep your photo kiosk running the event you set and nothing more.