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Welcome PBX Attendee

We hope that you enjoyed the Photo Booth Expo this year and have tons of new ideas to take your photo booth business to the next level. We also hope that you were impressed with the Mobibooth® team and our products while visiting our booth. We really enjoyed meeting you!

Here you'll find more information about our products and all of those awesome show specials. They do expire on March 1st, 2020 so please do take advantage of them before then. If you have any questions click the chat icon in the lower right or give us a call at 800.731.6485.

On this page we have all of our product promotions for PBX. We packed this page with information that you can scroll through or you can click an image below to quickly navigate directly to a specific product.

Mobibooth Aura™

The Mobibooth Aura™ iPad Photo Kiosk blends ease of use with excellent results. The Aura was voted Best New Booth at the Photo Booth Expo in 2017 and is still the premier iPad photo kiosk on the market. A lightweight, small footprint solution that sets up in just a few minutes makes the Aura a perfect addition to your event based business.

  • Stunning looks and an affordable price provides fast ROI for your business!
  • Ease of setup and use allows you to start renting quickly.
  • Complete unit fits into one TSA approved rolling case with tow handle.
  • Gorgeous mirror faceplate and brilliant ring light attract attendees keeping the queue constantly full.
  • Built using premium t6 aircraft aluminum with a durable powder coat finish.
  • Available for iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 (2017 model), 11 and 12.9 (2018 model).
  • 60 days free of Mobibooth Cloud™ software platform for iOS.

Photos, gif & boomerang

The Mobibooth Aura™ and Mobibooth Cloud™ platform packs big punch into a small package. It's a Photo Booth, Gif Booth and Video Booth all in one. Allow your client's guests to choose from capturing still photos, short videos, posed GIFs and fun boomerangs.

The flexibility will blow your clients minds and keep your repeat customers coming back for more.

Personalize Everything!

With Mobibooth Aura™ you receive starter files that will assist you and your designer to create a branded wrap that will fit your photo booth perfectly. Display your logo, contact information on your photo booth and turn it into the ultimate business card at events!

The Mobibooth design team also has a number of predesigned wraps that we can add your business's information to and personalize the colors to match your brand perfectly.

PBX 2020 Attendee Specials

We have some great specials for attendees only

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All show specials are good through Sunday March 1, 2020. All Mobibooth Aura™ specials include the following for each unit.

FREE mirror faceplate ($100 value) - FREE social icon stickers ($50 value) - 60 days FREE Mobibooth Cloud™ Premium ($198 value)


Mobibooth Aura™ with all the goodies and without case for only $1,695 (FREE shipping*).


Mobibooth Aura™ photo kiosk with soft cases and all the goodies for only $1,845 (FREE shipping*).


Mobibooth Aura™ photo kiosks with hard case and all the goodies for only $1,995 (FREE shipping*).

* Free shipping limited to the continental US.

Don't just take our word

Here are some reviews from current owners

One of the best investments we’ve made for our business. This booth changed everything for us! Sets up in minutes, easy to transport and some of the best customer support in the industry!

Daniel Cooper


Nicole Douglas

This booth has become one of my favs. It’s so easy to set up and protected nicely in a rugged case. Almost ready for number two.
These guys are awesome! I own two Mobibooths and absolutely love them. They are well built, awesome looking and our clients and guests love them! They are second to none! Highly recommend!!

Mario Sarmiento


Alaina Davis

Love my Mobibooth! The design was well thought out to make set up a breeze in under 5 minutes. I've received such great feedback from my clients on the booth. Definitely buy another!

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Join Our Family of Success

On average owners of Mobibooth products significantly supplement their income leading to financial independence.


bookings per booth

  • Booked 25 or more events their first year
  • Performed unattended rentals
  • Did corporate work for brands

Average earnings / booth

  • 72% average $550 or more per event

Owners Only Content

We've partnered with professional videographers to bring some the industry's best content to our owners at a fraction of the cost. Our ever growing library of fun and engaging promotional videos help our owners stand out from their competition.

This content is only available to verified owners of Mobibooth products.

Mobibooth Cruise™

The Mobibooth Cruise™ LEDs are fully integrated with the Mobibooth Cloud™ providing detailed LED control throughout the photo booth experience. The unit also works with both Snappic, Curator and Breeze Booth for iPad. We are working to add as many photo booth apps as we can to give you ultimate flexibility! 

The roamer's LEDs will automatically transition through the user session when used with an app that has integrated with our device. Currently Snappic, Curator and Breeze Booth for iPad in addition to Mobibooth Cloud™ can control the LEDs. Each app state can have a unique light effect set allowing for dimming of lights during stages where the user interacts closely.

The roamer may also be used in a manual mode with an attract pattern and white light. There are two buttons on the rear of the unit. One built into the handle to control the changing of LEDs to white and a second for specifying the pattern to use during attract mode.


Current apps capable of controlling LEDs:

  • Mobibooth Cloud™
  • Snappic
  • Curator
  • Breeze Booth for iPad


Currently we are working to add more third-party apps. If the app you use is not listed above please request that the software author reach out to us to create an integration.


All show specials are good through Sunday March1, 2020

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Mobibooth Cruise™ Mini for iPad Mini with mirror faceplate, toolless iPad access, RGBW LEDs and travel case plus FREE shipping*.


Mobibooth Cruise™ for iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5 or 11** with mirror faceplate, toolless iPad access, RGBW LEDs and travel case plus FREE shipping*.


Mobibooth Cruise™ for iPad Air 10.5** with mirror faceplate, toolless iPad access, RGBW LEDs and travel case plus FREE shipping*.

* Free shipping limited to the continental US.
**Purchase does not include iPad or battery pack.

Mobibooth Aura™ Wall Mount

It is time to think long-term and recurring revenue. The Mobibooth Aura™ Wall Mount unit is designed to give you a stunning, reliable system for entering new markets such as bars, salons, boutiques and more.

  • Multiple faceplates: black, white and mirror
  • Available for all iPad Pros & Surface Pro 4+
  • VESA compliant wall mount system
  • Wire raceway & power supply included
  • Darkroom Booth 3 license (Surface Pro)
  • 60 days Mobibooth Cloud™ Premium (iPad)
  • Light control (available with Mobibooth Cloud only)
marketing booth
wall photo booth

All show specials are good through Sunday March 3, 2019


Purchase one Mobibooth Aura™ Wall Mount with mirror faceplate for only $895 (FREE shipping*).


Purchase one Mobibooth Aura™ Wall Mount with mirror faceplate and RGB LED Kit for only $1290 (FREE shipping*).

* Free shipping limited to the continental US.
** Multi-unit orders must ship to the same physical address.

Mobibooth Aura VIEW™

he Mobibooth Aura VIEW™ has been built on one of the most successful photo booth platforms in the industry and it takes branding to the next level! The Aura VIEW™ has a built-in 37-inch HD monitor that is bright and sharp allowing for stunning visuals to be displayed on the kiosk.

The Aura VIEW™ is available both as a complete photo kiosk or video tower assembly. The tower is 100% compatible with all existing Aura photo kiosk head and base plate assemblies. This commonality gives Aura owners the ability to upsell clients with a large digital display!

A truly unique feature of the Aura VIEW™ is its ability to be configured with the screen either facing forward or backwards. This is ideal for situations where the unit is facing a wall. In these situations you can still drive attention to the unit through animated visuals. Have the unit backed up to a wall? No problem reverse the tower and display the screen below the iPad for greater impact.


All show specials are good through Sunday March 1, 2019


Aura VIEW™ video tower with a 37-inch HD screen, authentic Apple 30W charger, soft travel case. Compatible with all existing Aura™ head and base plate assemblies (not included). FREE shipping*.


Aura VIEW™ photo kiosk with a 37-inch HD screen, head assembly, baseplate, authentic Apple 30W charger, two soft travel cases. Bonus Intel ComputeStick® PC** and FREE shipping*.

* Free shipping limited to the continental US.
** Intel ComputeStickj® PC will be drop shipped to customer.