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Cruise™ Handheld Roamer


The Mobibooth Cruise™ is the lightest handheld roamer on the market featuring RGBW LED lights controlled by both app integration and integrated handle push button. The unit with iPad mini weighs less than 3 pounds.

iPad and battery pack are not included.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 1 in

Award-Winning Photo Booths

Building high-quality, premium photo kiosks is in our DNA. From our first day, Mobibooth has strived to build the best photo booths for sale at the highest quality possible. We are honored to have photo booth business owners from around the globe vote our products the best at the Photo Booth Expo year after year.

2017 voted best booth at the photo booth expo
2018 voted best booth gold winner at the photo booth expo
2019 voted best booth platinum winner at the photo booth expo

Technical Specifications


Ideal for groups of 3-4 people.


16.25 in / 41.3 cm


2 lbs 9 oz / 1.3 kg

Input Power

5VDC / 55W

What is included:

  • 1x Mobibooth Cruise™ configured for specified iPad.
  • 2x charge cables (battery pack to roamer).
  • 1x travel case with shoulder strap.
  • Mirror faceplate.

What is not included:


The Best Roamer


The Mobibooth Cruise™ LEDs are fully integrated with the Mobibooth Cloud™ providing detailed LED control throughout the photo booth experience. The roamer's LEDs will automatically transition through the user session when used with an app that has integrated with our device. Currently, Snappic, Curator, Fotozap, TouchPix, and Breeze Booth for iPad in addition to Mobibooth Cloud™ can control the LEDs programmatically*. Each app state can have a unique light effect set allowing for dimming of lights during stages where the user interacts closely.

The roamer may also be used in a manual mode with an attract pattern and white light. There are two buttons on the rear of the unit. One built into the handle to control the changing of LEDs to white and a second for specifying the pattern to use during attract mode.

Current apps capable of controlling LEDs:

  • Mobibooth Cloud™
  • Snappic
  • TouchPix
  • Breeze Booth for iPad
  • Fotozap
  • Curator Live Pixbooth


Currently, we are working to add more third-party apps to expand support. If the app you use is not listed above please request that the software author reach out to us to create an integration.

Take your photo booth business to the next level with the Cruise.

Next Level Video Fx

Take your photo booth to the next level with Video Fx using third-party partners like Snappic1. The possibilities are truly endless and your clients will be amazed.

* Requires a subscription for third-party app Snappic.