Mobibooth Cloud Event Programming


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Our team of experts will tailor an event for you based on the provided theme and samples you have for your client.

Your event will be fully programmed and ready to use.

Work included:

  • Creation of event with up to 3 experiences
  • Creation of attract screen
  • Creation of frame for gifs/photos

What we need from you:

  1. Name for the event
  2. Any graphical samples you have
  3. If MMS sharing is to be enabled we need what the message should say.
  4. If email sharing is to be enabled we need the sender’s name (typically your business name), email address (typically your business’s email), subject and message for the email body.
  5. What types of event experiences are required.
  6. Any preferences on frames and camera aspect. Such as square GIF and boomerang and 4×6 postcard prints.