RGB LED & Ring Light Control Kit Firmware

On this page you will find the latest firmware for the Mobibooth RGB LED & Ring Light Control Kit. It is important that you download the proper firmware configuration for you unit. Please use the steps below to identify the exact version you need to download.

Recommended skill levels for this procedure.

  • Hardware Skills
  • Computer Skills

Identify the LED Count


Every controller box ships with a version label on it. If your label is version 1.0, 2.0 or 2.1.1or contains a -172 at the end of the name you’ll want to download the proper generation with the -172 suffix.


Identify the Generation Microprocessor


To identify the generation of microprocessor board you have by referring to the graphics below. There are two unique generations current that have been shipped. It is important that you select the proper one or the functionality of the controller module could be adversely affected.

Please complete the Environment Setup steps in the Customer Firmware Upgrade SOP to access the microprocessor board.

Generation 1 Microprocessor PCB

Generation 2 Microprocessor PCB

Current Firmware Releases

Click the proper firmware release based on the information gathered in the steps above. Improperly updated products may cause improper operation, and any parts or service required to restore proper operation will not be covered under the Mobibooth Limited Warranty.


Legacy 172 Diode Versions

If you Mobibooth controller has a -172 in the firmware version located on the label applied to the box you need to download the proper generation firmware from below.