Aura M Tested Speedlites

With the release of the notched camera cover for speedlites the Aura M and Aura M VIEW can now host a speedlite on the top of its head. With this addition, these units are capable of capturing stunning photos in virtually any environment.

As we test components and receive feedback from customers we are updating the list below of known speedlites that work well with the Canon M50 and the Aura M configuration.

mobibooth aura m notched camera cover with godox speedlight

Tested Speedlites #

  • Godox TT520II available on Amazon
  • Godox TT560II available on Amazon

Tested Hot Shoe Converters #

To raise the speedlite up above the outer rim of the Aura M outer shell a hot shoe converter is used as a riser. Below are converters that have been tested and verified to work.

  • PixeL TF-321 available on Amazon

We will update this list as we test more models and customers provide feedback.