How To Assemble The Mobibooth Aura™

In this video we show how to setup the Mobibooth® Aura iPad Photo Kiosk. Gone are the days of long setups with the new innovative Mobibooth® Aura. Setup is a breeze and takes only a few minutes.

In this video we show:

  • How to unpack the Mobibooth® Aura iPad Photo Kiosk from it’s rolling case.
  • How to attach the base properly.
  • How to stack the extrusions properly.
  • How to connect the kiosk wiring.
  • How to attach the ring light assembly.
  • How to access the iPad home button.

Version 4 to current #

This is the current production model shipping since October 2017.

Download written procedure


Version 1/2/3 #

Legacy versions that shipped prior to October 2017.

Download the written procedure Mobibooth® Aura Setup Guide For V1V2V3