How to Start a Photo Booth Business

How To Start A Photo Booth Business
Would you like to share your artistic skills with the world? A photo booth business could be your answer, which is a good fit whether you’re looking to express your creativity or explore your entrepreneurial side. Like any business, though, you won’t simply launch it and grow. You need a strategic plan to start the
We recently identified a use case in RGB & Ring Light Control Kits for the Aura that can cause permanent damage to the RGB ring. We have found that a large number of customers are using the unit in this way. This email is to share the issue found and explain the proper usage of

2 Easy Ways To Identify Your iPad Model

When preparing to purchase an iPad photo kiosk it is extremely important to accurately identify the exact model you have. Failing to do so can result in a misconfigured photo kiosk that will not properly secure and protect your iPad. This can result in poor images and ultimately a bad experience for your clients and their